About Us

Meet the Founder

JohriBox was started by its Founder and CEO, Shelly Patel. Shelly has always been a jewelry aficionado, and has especially loved seeking out bold and unique styling options. 

“Jewelry is the perfect way to add a touch of glitz to your outfit, while reflecting your personal style and personality. I love that it’s a conversation starter, a confidence booster, and a fun way to refresh your outfit without having to overthink it.”

But lately, she's noticed how difficult it is to find unique and interesting pieces. Life gets in the way of carving out time to go shopping, and while so many retailers have moved online, it’s difficult to know where to look. When you add factors like price point, availability and shipping time, and personal preferences to the mix, something that should have been fun ends up feeling like a major headache. 

Ultimately, this is what led her to start JohriBox. Keep reading to learn a bit more about our mission and what drives us to do our very best work every day. 

Our Mission


You may be wondering what sets us apart from traditional retailers, besides the obvious. But surprisingly, a big focus of our model is on sustainability. Most retailers have to order an abundance of items to have them consistently in stock, even if they know they will not be able to sell through their entire inventory. This leads to higher markups for the customer and a large quantity of items leftover - which are either reduced to clearance or simply go to waste. Our model lets us predictably plan for inventory, packaging, and everything else - limiting our waste and footprint significantly (not to mention, you avoid the heavy retail markups). And we’re always looking for ways to optimize this even further! 


When we were younger, it wasn't unusual to buy a specific top or dress for an event (or even just a night out), with coordinating jewelry, shoes, purse - the whole nine yards. But now, everyone is looking to be smarter and more resourceful when it comes to their wardrobe. Whether it’s normalizing wearing the same dress to multiple events or encouraging renting / borrowing, we’re all trying to consciously do more with less. Similarly, we take a very curated and intentional approach to our jewelry. We carry styles that we think you’ll be able to style in a variety of ways, for all kinds of occasions. We know that sometimes you may need something specific, and that’s ok, but we hope that we can become the “go-to” for all of your needs - whether day-to-day, a casual outing, or an upscale event. 


When it came to starting JohriBox, Shelly set out to solve for a very specific gap in the market. She noticed that all of her usual jewelry outlets - whether a department store, boutique, online retailer such as Etsy or Amazon, or even an innovative concept like Rocksbox or Rent the Runway - pretty much carried the same stuff. Owning the latest collection from Kendra Scott or Kate Spade was starting to feel pretty...well, tired. 

She also knew that there were so many talented jewelry designers out there who were creating unique pieces - but they couldn't find the right platform to gain exposure. These designers are often minority-owned businesses, and don’t have the same brand recognition or clout to get picked up by the traditional outlets. So she saw JohriBox as a way to amplify the amazing work of these designers. A way for them to showcase their products and gain exposure, creating a win-win for them and you! 

If you are interested in learning more about us or are interested in working together, just drop us a note at johribox@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!